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The data included in the AWMISET Database limited to pilot baseline survey (2008) in upper Awash Basin and some secondary data (2005) compiled by International Water Management Institute (IWMI). Therefore, the aggregate outputs of the Database do not show the complete picture of the Country/ River Basins/ Regions.

AWMISET (Agricultural Water Management Information System of ETHIOPIA) which is developed by the support of FAO is Ethiopia’s National Information System on irrigated agriculture. The website gives information at national, basin levels and regional.

It keeps records and gives information related to agricultural water management with the following functions:

  • providing information including geographical information for the registered irrigation schemes, water harvesting, soil conservational livestock data related to water
  • Enabling online data entering and updating the database
  •  Making easy the data processing and data retrieval from the database

The website will provided the following when complete information is made available.

  • Irrigations and typologies disaggregated at national government and basin levels
  • Agricultural water use at national and basin levels
  • Some socio-economic and environmental aspects of irrigation schemes
  • Area treated with soil and water conservation measures
  • Cropping pattern
  • River Basin, Country or Regional Profiles
  • Map

The objective of the website is to inform and help everyone involved in related development programmes search to get up-to-date information on irrigated agriculture (Agricultural water use and other water managment information)

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