Ministry of Water Resources Library and Documentation Service

The service possesses over 2500 books and about 3000 documents that are mainly produced as a result of studies and/or design activities for the development of the water sector in Ethiopia . These documents are very useful in serving as a reference material for further studies of the water sector and related fields. In view of satisfying the ongoing needs of users, the Service is making every effort to fulfill the needs by means of purchase, subscription, exchange and through engaging into inter-library loan with other libraries.

  1. Types of Services Rendered
  2. The followings are among the main services rendered by the Library and Documentation Service:

    •  Reading (reference) service within the Library and Documentation Service; for every one.

    •  Borrowing reference materials for the employees, departments, and various sections and projects of the organization;

    •  Borrowing reference materials for outside users from the Government, Non-Government Organizations, Higher Learning Institutions and the Private upon request;

    •  Gift, transfer and exchange of excess reference materials as may be applicable.

  3. Service Hour
  4. The Library and Documentation Service is open:

    Monday - Thursday Morning 9 A.M 12: 00A.M

    Afternoon 2 P.M - 5:00 P. M

    Friday Morning 9 A.M - 11:00 A M

    Afternoon 2 P.M - 5:00 P. M

  5. Obligations of Users
  6. •  Private books, documents and other articles are prohibited to enter in to the reading room and shall be left at the service desk.

    •  Silence shall be strictly observed in the reading room.

    •  Smoking in the reading room is strictly prohibited.

    •  No user shall write, damage, or make markup on any book, document, manuscript or any other materials of the Service.

    •  No tracing or mechanical reproduction of documents shall be made without permission.

    •  Before leaving the reading room, the reader shall leave books and documents that he/she had taken for reference on the reading table or return it to the service desk.

    •  Cases of mistreatment or any other dissatisfaction in the services shall immediately be reported to the Head of the Library and Documentation Service or to the organization.

  7. Requirements for use of the services
  8. •  Every one, internal or external user, has a free access for reading in the Library and Documentation Service.

    •  Borrowing of books or reference materials for the employees of the Ministry of Water Resources will be conducted by the rules and regulations of the Service.

    •  Outside users need to submit an official letter of request for borrowing of books/reference materials.

  9. Available reference materials:
  10. Among the available reference materials are:

    •  Integrated river basin development master plan study documents,

    •  Various water supply and sanitation (urban and rural) study documents,

    •  Water resources, dams and hydropower and irrigation development study documents, etc,

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