Pursuant to proclamation the Ministry of Water Resources is the sole responsible organ for the development of Ethiopia's inland water resources and meteorological services and has all the powers necessary to carryout its activities in accordance with the law, the Ministry is particularly entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the preparation of surveys, designs and specifications and the construction of water works necessary for the development of water resources as well as to supervise their conformity with appropriate standards.

In view of the fact that:

  • Construction plays a key role in the national economic development;
  • The private construction sector is playing a significant role in the water sector;
  • Determining the capacity and extent of participation of the private sector is necessary to know the available human resources and field of specialization of the individuals and firms in view of overall planing;
  • It is essential to safeguard the interest of the public at large and that of the government by regulating the participation of the persons and other legal entitles engaged in the field of construction by setting certain rules and standards to be observed for the purpose of safety, quality works and efficiency;

the Ministry of Water Resources in accordance with the powers and duties conferred on it by the definition of powers and duties of the Government of Ethiopia Water Resources Management Proclamation No. 197/2000 Article 8 (1)(a) “issue Permits and License certificates for professional competence”; to determine their standards and supervise their activities; register Contractors, Consultants and professionals according to the fulfilment of the requirements.


  • Increase National consultancy and construction capability in the water sector to meet the demands of the country in particular;
  • Facilitate the provision of reliable, up to date, cost effective and efficient consultancy and contractors service that meet the client's and international expectation;
  • Create a National regulation mechanism to control quality and establish proper registration and categorization of consulting firms and contractors;
  • Support the construction sector by promoting consultants and contractors capacity for project study, design, supervision and construction.


The categorization of consultants and contractors is mainly to:

  • Differentiate quality in terms of experience and qualification
  • Different capacity in terms of organization set-up, manpower deployment, availability of facility and infrastructure;
  • Differentiate responsibility and extent of liability; and
  • Create legitimate and transparent system of the consulting and construction Trade.

The drilling, construction and rehabilitation of water well are one of the aspects of water works construction activities and undertaking such activity requires expertise. Therefore, this directives is hereby issued in order to: -

  • Ensure that persons engaged in this activity have the requisite expertise, manpower and equipment;
  • Ensure that such persons, after engaging in this activity, adhere to the appropriate professional standards; and
  • Enable the Ministry of Water Resources to control and acquire adequate data on the location, type, number as well as the geological and hydro-geological conditions of water wells drilled or rehabilitated by persons engaged in the activity.

License and Permit Basics

License and Permit Preconditions

Professional Identification and License Requirements

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