1. OWNP ETHIOPIA Social  Assessment of the Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Program

  2. ONE WASH National Program - Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)
  3. ONE WASH National Program - Resettlement Policy Framework
  4. Ethiopian Water Resources Management Policy Published in 1999 as an essential national policy document to steer the development and management of the country's water resources.
  5. National Water Sector Strategy This was prepared as a roadmap to translate the policy into action.
  6. Water Sector Development Program (Vol.1) and Water Sector Development Program (Vol.2) Defines concrete interventions in terms of projects and programs to achieve the water policy objectives, using the guidelines set under the national strategy.

  7. Definitions of Powers and Duties of Excutive Organs
  8. Ethiopian Water Resources Managment Proclamation
  9. Ethiopian Water Resources Management Regulation
  10. River Basin Councils and Authorities Proclamation
  11. Gender Mainstreaming Field Manual (English)
  12. Gender Mainstreaming Field Manual (Amharic) Developed to enable the field practitioners to integrate gender in all the stages of water supply and sanitation projects life cycle. And
  13. Gender Mainstreaming Guideline (to be available for download soon) Developed to enable each sub sector, departments, institution and other partners working in water resource development endeavors to integrate gender concerns and to address the development needs of women and men in the sector.

  14. The Ministry of Water Resources issue Permits and License certificates for professional competence to determine their standards and supervise their activities, register Contractors, Consultants and professionals according to the fulfillment of the requirements.
  15. Download
  16. Download the 2nd Phase Components of Strengthning Water Sector Information and Monitoring System in Ethiopia with GIRWI Project.
  17. The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has received a Credit from the World Bank towards the costs of the preparations and implementations of the Ethiopian-Nile Irrigation and Drainage Project and intends to undertake the followings, among others, irrigation and drainage schemes.
    1. Megech-Seraba Pump Irrigation, 4,000ha, in Amhara National Regional State, Lake Tana Sub-basin
    2. Ribb Irrigation, 13,200ha, in Amhara National Regional State, Lake Tana Sub-basin
    In line with the Water Sector and Environment Policies and the World Bank Group requirements, the Ministry of Water and Energy (MoWE) has prepared Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) for the above Irrigation and Drainage Schemes and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for Ribb Dam and these documents have been attached below for download.
  18. Download the Draft WASH Implementation Framework (WIF), which will become the basis of the integrated One WASH Program.
  19. Download the Ministry of Water and Energy HIV/ AIDS Guidlines.
  20. Call for comments on Scaling - Up Renewable Energy Program Ethiopia Investment Plan (Draft Final)

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