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ENRAEMEDcan help you!

ENRAEMED stands for the E thiopian N atural R esources A nd E nvironmental ME ta- D atabase. This metadatabase is compiled by a partnership of major Ethiopian institutions concerned with the collection, generation, storage and dissemination of data/information related to natural resources and the environment.


Meta-data is information about data sets, which will help you to search for data and find out if they are of interest to you, how you can obtain them and a lot more. Data are contained in “data sets”. Data sets are sources of information of different kinds. They can be bibliographic (books, reports, periodicals) or geo-spatial (maps, satellite images, aerial photographs) or others like audio-visual materials. The ENRAEMED partner institutions are all custodians of large numbers of data sets, which are stored either in hard copy or in digital form. So far, about 5275 metadata have been posted on our Enraemed website. The efforts are continuing to grow. The Enraemed website has a link to 269 meta-database sites around the world.


Many people looking for data experience difficulties in finding out what and where information is available, even within one institution. In situations where multi-actors of data generators involved, it is likely that access to information may not be easy or transparent. Staff may have problems in finding the information they need. Also, the conditions of access to information are not always transparent to the users.

The Ministry of Water Resources and its partners have recognized that good access to information is needed for proper planning, development and management of natural resources and the environment. ENRAEMED is a response to this felt need.

Meta-data generates various benefits for both users and custodians of data.

  • For potential users of data, meta-data are a powerful tool to find out what data are available, whether it suits their purposes, where to find it and how to access it. The use of the meta-database helps to avoid the time and energy-consuming search for data and increases the efficiency of research work.
  • For custodian institutions generating, storing and disseminating data, its benefits are many fold.
  • Using the meta-database avoids duplication of efforts and resulting costs in data gathering and compilation. It also helps in better managing data collections and in maintaining knowledge about the datasets
  • under their custody. In a broader perspective, the meta-database helps custodian institutions to “advertise” their data sets and, hence, to fulfill their mandate of disseminating data to the public. Dissemination of data to the public increases the social and economic benefit of the large capital invested in information collection and compilation.
  • The meta-database makes it possible, also, to render information services to the public at a lower cost and more effectively.


Up to now the partners in ENRAEMED are Seven Federal level organizations and five Regions:

  • Ministry of Water Resources (host Organization),
  • Ministry of Agriculture,
  • Ethiopian Mapping Authority,
  • Environmental Protection Authority,
  • Geological Survey of Ethiopia ,
  • Ethiopia Science and Technology Commission,
  • National Meteorology Service Agency,
  • Amhara Regional State ,
  • Gambella Regional State ,
  • Oromiya Regional State ,
  • Southern Nations and Nationalities Peoples Regional State ,
  • Tigray Regional State ,

To facilitate access to and exchange of their data/information, the partners are working together by establishing ENRAEMED, ENRAEMED, the Amharic expression for “ Let's walk together !” and the name of the metadatabase software suite, reflects the spirit of this metadatabase undertaking. The ENRAEMED partner institutions are all custodians of large numbers of data sets, which are stored either in hand copy or in digital form.

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