Watershed Management             June 17, 2007.

Watershed Management refers to establishment of sustainable agricultural systems that should involve the success full management of natural resources to satisfy the changing of human needs while maintaining or enhancing the natural resource base and avoiding environmental or watershed degradation.

Any intervention of watershed management could decrease in the frequency of flood, vulnerability to drought, loss of soil fertility, increase water holding capacity and reservoir life, efficiency of hydropower, Irrigation, Protection of stream bank etc.

The Dams and Hydropower Design department of the ministry of water Resources having the following disciplines such as Forestry, Soil conservation, Livestock, agriculture and soil survey to undertake the following responsibilities: -

  • To protect the watershed of previously constructed and currently under construction of hydropower, and irrigation dams, so as to reduce sedimentation in the reservoirs.
  • To advice the study consultants, to incorporate the study of integrated watershed management in the studies of hydropower projects.
  • To propose various integrated watershed management activities (Forestry, Soil conservation, Livestock, Agronomy), around the reservoirs, which will be implemented by concerned governmental organizations.
  • To discuss and encourage the dam owners, how watersheds can be protected in order to halt further land degradation around the reservoirs
  • To involve in the preparation of Dam safety guideline in regards of watershed management around the reservoirs.
  • To follow up weather watershed management activities practically implemented or not, by observing at the field to protect the reservoirs from any degradation problems.
  • To involve in the design of watershed management regulations, policies and laws thatwould help the sustainability of natural Resources around the reservoirs.

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