Wabe-Shebele (WS18) Project             September 20, 2007.

Wabe-Shebelle (WS18) Multipurpose Project site is located in the middle of the Wabe-Shebelle River Basin about 785 km South-East of Addis Ababa and 255 km South-West of Jijiga town. The access is asphalt road up to Harar (526 km), all weather /gravel/ road from Harer up to Fik (173 km), dry weather road from Fik to Hamero (50 km) and the rest (36 km) is trail. The geographical location of the dam site is 42 0 07'00???????N and 07 0 27'00???????E.

The project has 2238.19 Mm 3 live storage between 580m and 535.41m, and generates energy in the surface power station. The power system has a rock-fill dam with a central core clay, 111 m high. The surface powerhouse has a size of 120mx31mx39.2m. The system has a steel penstock of 8m diameter and 420m length connected with 3 Francis turbines with a total installed capacity of 87.75MW. The power from WS18 project can be evacuated though 1no. Double circuit 230 KV transmission line connected to Bale Robe substation.

The objective of the study is to recommend the optimum utilization of the potential of the WS-18 Site for the purpose of irrigation development and power generation. 14 potential irrigation projects have been identified in 1973 by BCEOM study of the lower valley. The total net area of these projects identified by BCEOM is 92,000ha. As the first priority for the development, Ilo-Uen /net area =15,000ha/ and Bul-Doho /net area =17,000ha/ will be studied during the current Multipurpose feasibility study.

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